How Relatable dominated the global market by improving leadership, wellbeing, and innovation

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To develop a fledgling business based within a single office and total employee count of 10, to that which is five times the size with teams established across the globe, in under 4 years, is no mean feat. It takes tenacity, creativity, and drive. Founder and former CEO of Relatable, Martin Garbarcz reveals that it also takes detailed data supported by pioneering scientific studies.

Vad är det bästa med plattformen?


Hva er det beste med plattformen?

Relatable began in 2016 as an influencer marketing agency, connecting brands with influencers throughout the world on Instagram, YouTube and, more recently TikTok. They are also the exclusive influencer and marketing partner for media giant, Conde Nast. A coveted achievement for which Martin is certain the early adoption of an AI platform that combines behavioural science with extensive research was a significant enabler.

A technology driven company, Relatable believe that data, analytics, and insights are central to success. However, Martin says that at the heart of the company is one thing, “Our people.” As such it was important to find the right technology that could use the same data rich techniques to provide qualitative insights.

Specifically, one that integrated seamlessly into the company was essential. For this, Martin in no small way credits Winningtemp. A revolutionary platform powered by AI, Winningtemp enables managers and leaders to gain insight and enhance key areas by measuring the ‘temperature’ of the organisation.

"It’s a very dear tool for me to be able to use. Even in our infancy we knew it was a necessity if we were to accelerate at the speed in which we have. We have an incredible team and it was important for me to invest in them. Now, with offices around the world operating across different time zones, something that can bring us all together is vital."

The awareness that the platform provides into how management are performing, and which areas need cultivating is invaluable. “We see that we can be proactive as well as reactive. We can identify management problems and see from team-to-team how things are. When a team has consistently high scores, we know that we can learn from them and implement their positives into our other teams. It helps new managers to learn from their more experienced peers who we can see are getting it right. The insights and analytical element of the platform are essential to us.”

From the outset, Martin knew that to develop great leadership accountability, and the desire to always do better had to be more than lip service. “Today we score on average 8.0 on the Winningtemp scale. But we also recognise that we still have a long way to go. At one point our temperature dipped from 8.5 to 7.6 and we knew there was a problem within a team.”

Using the platform meant they could identify the challenges and implement change fast. “It also meant that we could be open about the problem and show that we were working on it at the very highest level. We can spot trends early and respond to them quickly. It’s a very serious tool for us.”

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The platform allows for complete anonymity which in turn promotes a sense of trust among peers. Automated questions that have been carefully curated based upon previous answers are triggered weekly via the user-friendly app. Crucially, everything is entirely anonymous.

"Feedback must come from both sides and we are very open and clear that we want to know how we, as management are doing. Critical feedback is how we learn and improve. There must be the trust that anonymous means anonymous to create an honest culture without fear of repercussion."

This honesty and transparency from the top down nurtures an important element to the health of the company. Wellbeing is paramount for Martin who admits that due to the nature of the business there are times when tensions and stress levels run high. “We measure and monitor stress extremely carefully. We know that at times we can have a tremendous amount of campaigns running concurrently.

Listening to how individuals and teams are feeling during the demanding moments mean issues can be tackled swiftly without feelings of resentment building. “You may think you know how well people are coping, but with Winningtemp we can categorically see how they are feeling because they tell us. The platform creates a safe environment in which they have the confidence to express themselves freely.”

As an innovative company Winningtemp enables Relatable to fully support engagement and create an environment to excel in creativity.

"Ideas are at our core. We want everyone to be a part of this and have a 100% participation rate. Because we are going to work with this all the time. We have had ideas put forward from all levels of the company that are seen by the CEO and used widely."

For Martin, innovation is a full 360 concept. “It’s how we excel our team members to the next level. We need to see them and to listen to them; and they need to feel trusted that what they are saying is coming through and being heard. It’s something that has been important to me from the beginning and why adopting the platform so early was crucial for building an efficient and successful company."

Undoubtedly, Relatable are a technology driven company. But they consider technology to be the enabler in which people can achieve greatness.

We are extremely people led. We want and need to understand how people are feeling. For us, it’s all about humans. It’s about expertise, talent, being challenged, being understood, being seen, being heard, developing the possibilities to make things happen.

“Winningtemp matched our needs and aligned with our values perfectly in a way that none of their competitors could. The feedback we get about the platform from our people supports this. One thing I am sure of, we would miss it greatly if we didn’t have it.

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