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Performance Management

4 Reasons to start 360° Feedback at your company

Wondering if 360° Feedback is right for your company — right now?With Winningtemp, the obstacles that used to stand in the way (all the chasing, document handling, over-complicated software) have been cleared away. It’s simple to organise, run, and analyse 360 cycles in as agile a manner as you’d like. So all that’s left are the impressive, science-backed benefits of running this kind of feedback. Here are the 4 HR-inspired reasons to get started with running 360° reviews at your company.

Carl Jacobsson
Carl Jacobsson
March 3, 2021
Employee performance management: Performance review questions

Discard the traditional annual/bi-annual performance reviews and make the process more dynamic for increased engagement and productivity. Being agile and flexible in your approach enables you to connect with your people on various levels and crucial touchpoints to provide a smooth employee experience throughout their lifecycle.

Pritama Sarkar
Pritama Sarkar
February 25, 2020
Scrap annual performance review talks – and implement scheduled evaluations

Employee appraisals, performance reviews, feedback discussions - a process has many names! The purpose, however, is the same regardless of what we call it - to increase employee motivation, performance, and well-being. Most people probably agree that annual performance review talks are not the optimal method for achieving these effects. Is it time to scrap these once-a-year meetings, and instead focus on scheduled evaluations?Here are five reasons why you should reconsider annual performance review meetings and shift to more a more systematic form of discussion. 1. IT CONTRADICTS EVERYTHING AGILE HR STANDS FOR Are you familiar with the concept of Agile HR? It's not surprising because it's a buzzword that's been buzzing around since 2012. Agile HR is a method that advocates all processes and projects being conducted in a flexible and agile manner. The reason the approach has grown so exponentially is that organisations need to adapt to a complex world where demands are always changing. It's glaringly obvious how the traditional personal appraisal talks strongly contradict the Agile method:

Hannah Wigren
Hannah Wigren
September 11, 2019

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