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Science Behind Winningtemp

Why does Winningtemp use an emoji scale?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is why we use an emoji scale to gather employee feedback. We get it. We know emojis might initially feel a little juvenile or lightweight. Perhaps like they’re prioritising style over substance. But our use of emojis isn’t a style decision. It’s a profoundly important practical decision — and a big reason Winningtemp is so effective.

Miroslav Valan
Miroslav Valan
June 23, 2022
3 best practices for setting up your employee engagement pulse survey

If you’re on the road to swapping out lengthy annual employee engagement surveys for snappy and regular pulse surveys, you’re in great company! Opening feedback channels that enable year-round communication between employees and leadership is increasingly expected by a modern workforce.

Chelsea Milojkovic
Chelsea Milojkovic
March 10, 2022
From insight to action — Introducing our new self-leadership module

If you’re familiar with Winningtemp, then you know that we’re passionate about giving leaders a better way to understand how their workforce is feeling and take the right actions to support them. We’re excited to announce the next step of this journey...

Product Crew
Product Crew
October 20, 2021
How Winningtemp's employee engagement survey works

The key to success (which in this case means better performance, increased productivity, happier and more engaged employees) is to ask the right questions and draw the correct conclusions from the answers. This is where the years we have invested in combining behavioural science and research with artificial intelligence and deep learning come to play.

Product Crew
Product Crew
January 22, 2020
Winningtemp Smart AI releases ‘Smart Prediction’ that identifies at-risk employee groups and suggests immediate measures

FOR ENTRY AND MID-LEVEL POSITIONS, THE COST TO REPLACE AN EMPLOYEE IS BETWEEN 30% AND Source Staff turnover costs companies big money. Needless to say, the time and resources spent on recruitment, onboarding, and training serve no purpose when the employee leaves, adding ‘loss of knowledge’ to the existing pile of losses suffered by the company. The most frustrating part is that the constant risk of employees leaving impedes the organisation from working proactively with the underlying issues behind the high attrition rate.Even today, several organisations rely on gut feelings or obsolete data to put forward preventive measures against employee turnover. Not surprisingly, the management team gets caught off-guard every time one of their top talents leave the organisation.Since the inception of Winningtemp, our product has helped more than 400 companies in visualising the accurate state of employee well-being in real-time. It enables managers and HR leaders to act on day-to-day data and quickly see the impact of various activities on the overall results. This has been an immense step forward in defining the future of work.However, it still didn’t provide the users with churn indicators and the ability to identify the issues behind staff turnover.Introducing Winningtemp

Product Crew
Product Crew
November 18, 2019

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