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Winningtemp is now ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified. This means we comply with rigorous best practice standards to protect your information and keep your data private, developed by the best and brightest information security experts.

Abtin Kronold
Abtin Kronold
May 23, 2022
How to rid your organisation of 'The Iceberg of Ignorance'

Most people will be familiar with the Iceberg of Ignorance in some capacity. It highlights an organisation that potentially has either poor leadership or poor information flow.From speaking to the thousands of HR professionals I have had the privilege of exchanging calls and conversations with, it is more evident that most organisations experience the " Credit:[/caption]Most organisations have tried to implement some form of feedback loop - whether it is feedback sessions with Line Managers, or implementing a solution that collects information in the way of survey questions. However, the issue with these forms of feedback is they are not truly anonymous.I know for certain we have all probably worked in organisations where feedback is said to be "anonymous" and yet it is very easy to determine who it is that is replying. I know for certain I have not answered some feedback questions honestly as I knew for certain it was easy to identify who it was that was giving feedback (in one company I had to give my job title as part of the survey, and yet I was the only person with that job title. Am I truly going to be honest if it's that easy to work out it is me? NO!)Especially if you don't understand the reason for giving feedback. Most organisations do surveys because they think that it is a normal thing to do. However, they don't necessarily understand what to do with all the feedback once it is collected. And even if they do, then once it is collected and analysed, it is normally reviewed 4-8 weeks after the original survey. Therefore, is the feedback even accurate any more?

Adam Murfet
Adam Murfet
January 29, 2021
Trust & performance - Managing the return to work

When the pandemic hit back in March, organisations’ first priority in response to the crisis was ensuring workers' health & safety. As organisations begin to emerge from this phase, what factors must leaders now focus on to successfully address the next set of workforce challenges as they plan for the return of their workforce, and for the recovery?In this latest report, Gary Brown of Winningtemp outlines the key factors organisations are seeking to address, and the 3 actions to help take your organisation and people on the right path to recovery.In the latest surveys with HR professionals, the #1 topic in “back to work” was “ TODAY’S NEW BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IS CHARACTERISED BY DISRUPTION AND UNCERTAINTY. With high profile companies such as BP, Rolls Royce, British Gas, and Heathrow announcing new job losses almost daily, workers know that the economic outlook is uncertain. Add to that the expansion of remote working, the displacement of many services to tech-based solutions, and the requirement for many firms to consider reducing working hours or headcount in order to manage a slow climb back to previous activity levels, and it should come as no surprise that the Mental Health Foundation recently reported that

Gary Brown
Gary Brown
June 16, 2020
Webinar recap: The 3 winning practices for leadership in times of change

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting a lunchtime webinar on the challenges we face as leaders in an increasingly uncertain world. The current Covid19 pandemic, coupled with its after-effects (which will likely bring forward a recession), pose multiple challenges to how we lead our teams and, perhaps most important of all, ourselves.Responding to these obstacles has been a mixed experience for many. In the recent 2020 Talent Implications Survey, a majority of employees reported that they expect clear goals, better communication, and improved support from the organisation when it comes to task prioritisation.So, how are weeven supposed to respond?The short answer is - we need to adopt a new way of working - both as individuals and as an organisation. OUR WEBINAR FOCUSED ON THREE TANGIBLE PRACTICES FOR LEADERS, SOURCED FROM THE EXPERIENCES OF SOME OF OUR CLIENTS, AS WELL AS SOME OF WINNINGTEMP'S OWN OBSERVATIONS. Let’s start with PwC. They believe in practising

Tim Conroy
Tim Conroy
June 4, 2020
My favourite tools for successful remote leadership

Now is a time of uncertainty, and that makes it more important than ever to pull out all the stops when it comes to leading, focusing, and motivating your teams.

Tim Conroy
Tim Conroy
April 24, 2020

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