Introduction to Winningtemp for managers and administrators

Sara Christiansson
60 minutes
Introduction to Winningtemp for managers and administrators

Winningtemp’s platform enables you managers and administrators to understand your employees’ needs, concerns, and motivation levels. The platform will give you real results regarding your team and organisation – in real time. But how does Winningtemp actually work? How do Winningtemp collect the data? And how to work with the results? This, and more, we’ll go through on today’s live webinar! Please sign up to this interactive webinar held by our amazing Training Specialists!


  • What is Winningtemp?
  • Benefits of using Winningtemp
  • Demonstration of the platform and its features
  • Concrete advice and best practices of how to work with your result
  • And, last but not least, our Support - we are here to help! 

This is a 60-minute session via Zoom. It will be recorded, and it's in English. A warm welcome! 💜

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