Learn how create to real-time employee insights.

Annual surveys are clunking, time consuming and don't provide the real-time data you need to make effective decisions about your teams.

Winningtemp can help you migrate to real-time surveys which are simple to use, cost-effective and provide up-to-date information about your organisation. Winningtemp also includes:

AI powered pulse-survey engine

Real-time employee emotional temperature dashboard

Smart anonymisation, giving respondents 100% anonymity

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging measurement

Ability to collect rapid feedback via apps, email or online.

Praise & recognition feature to create a culture of gratitude

Why Winningtemp

Customers who've been using Winningtemp for more than 1 year have (on average)

Lowered employee turnover by 30%

Reduced negative stress at work by 26%

Boosted workplace satisfaction by 21%

Daniel Thysell

Daniel Thysell

Vice-President at Sigma Technology Consulting

"Having a healthy workplace is essential, and Winningtemp delivers accurate measurement of performance. We follow up on our financial ROI regularly, but we think it’s equally important to track employee satisfaction and performance data in the same way. The platform provides trends and forecasts in real-time and in a visual format."

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