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Kick self-leadership into high gear

Coaching employees in self-leadership strategies has enormous benefits. But realistically, time is tight, managers are busy, and how on earth can this coaching be offered equally to all employees?

The answer lies in smart automation. 

Winningtemp has combined AI with our HR experts’ extensive, field-tested self-leadership tips and tactics to provide each of your employees with relevant advice — right when they need it.  


Use self-leadership tools to create a more resilient organisation

Leadership can be taught. And the best kinds of leaders take self-leadership seriously. They know that self-awareness and self-control wins more respect than bullying ever could.

In addition to helping you collect insights about employee wellbeing, Winningtemp is also giving each employee the data, insights, and recommendations to make meaningful changes to support their own wellbeing. The result? A more resilient, innovative organisation overall. 

Inside the self-leadership module

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Personal insights

Each employee receives personal insights that paint the bigger picture of how they’re feeling at work and understand what needs their focus. These private insights are generated from the answers they submit in the regular Winningtemp surveys.

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Self-leadership tips

What would a pro do?
Winningtemp provides suggestions about the right next steps to take, based on the insights they are given and the focus areas that have been recommended.

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Action plans

Turn this information into action. Employees can draw up both private and public action plans to move the needle on whatever changes they would like to make — on the personal, team, or organisational level.

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Hear what employees would like to focus on

Out of the hundreds of things that need the attention of HR and senior leadership — what’s at the top of the list for employees?

Winningtemp makes it simple to get this information. Using the upvote module, employees can easily volunteer which focus area matters to them the most.

Research-based employee surveys
The pulse of the entire organisation

Make a leader out of each team member

In addition to receiving personal insights, each employee has open access to data about how it’s going for their team.

All individuals can ask the question, “Where are we excelling, and what needs work?” and go into the Winningtemp’s temperature dashboards to find out. This data is a perfect starting point for dialogue about how to improve and build on strengths as a team.


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