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Recording: People Strategy in 2023: How to drive employee engagement during an economic downturn

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The world of work has radically changed over the past couple of years: organisations all over the world have embraced hybrid working, employees are voicing their needs more than ever, and businesses are expected to lead with purpose.

HR leaders have shown a huge amount of flexibility and adaptability over that period, with many organisations embracing this approach and enjoying higher levels of productivity and engagement as a result. But now, your employees are at a crossroads. They know a recession is looming and their expectations from their employer are higher than ever. With organisations facing rising costs and having to make decisions about their workforce, HR leaders must take action in order to alleviate any concerns surrounding job security and employee satisfaction, as boosting morale becomes even more crucial during these challenging times.

This webinar features Forrester's Katy Tynan, VP, Principal Analyst, Employee Experience and Future of Work, who joined Sarah Holmberg, Head of HR at Winningtemp. They reflected on the learnings from the pandemic, the role of data analytics in HR decision making, and why keeping a close eye on employees’ wellbeing is more important than ever as we head into 2023.

This webinar took place on Monday 3rd October at 2:30PM BST/3:30PM CEST.

You'll learn how you can:

  • Match employee expectations with your business goals
  • Use data analytics to understand the temperature of the organisation
  • Boost morale and employee engagement during tough times
  • Gain insight into the employee experience to drive change
  • Provide rapid identification and escalation of employee issues
  • Carefully consider how a recession might impact your employees
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