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The PRO Plan

If you want to fully understand your employees, see information about all stages of the employee lifecycle and act on that valuable data then the Pro plan is for you.

Building on the real-time data provided by our core product, the Pro Plan is packed with additional features to help you act on what matters most to your emplyoees.

Discover what is included in the pro PLAN


Many managers lack support on how to act on the results coming in. Actions are a powerful tool that makes it easier for the recipient to start working on the areas and categories they have chosen to focus on.

Recommendations are made available on how you can improve the situation, but it is also possible to create an action plan based on the suggestions. The module then provides a clear picture of what actions are being taken, how they are being implemented and also the possibility to follow the progress of the action. This also enables HR to follow, take part in and support the work. When you see a positive result, it becomes clear what is working and that you are creating positive change within the organisation.

Working together towards a goal has never been easier.


Engagement Report

To get a summary and overview of the data in Winningtemp, you can use our Engagement Report. Save time and give yourself a flying start for your upcoming meeting. You generate the presentation report in a PowerPoint format that compares the data over twelve months.

The report will then help you get a more in-depth analysis and a broader understanding of the results. The presentation is a solid basis for both evaluating the results as they are, but also for future work and goal setting.  

Support for Onboarding & Offboarding

We've created templates for new hires to help you during the onboarding process. Our onboarding questions have been carefully researched and selected in accordance with current standards. In addition, we use questions that have been tested in HR environments and proven to provide the most value to you as a manager.

The purpose of an offboarding survey is to understand the employee experience both at the start and at the end of their employment with the company.

An offboarding survey can give you valuable insights into what you are doing right as a company and where there is room for improvement. Because the survey is anonymous, you'll get more honest answers compared to an exit interview. In addition to understanding why employees are leaving, you'll also gain deeper insight into your company culture, leadership perceptions and employee engagement.


Multiple surveys

In larger or more complex organisational structures, it can be difficult to create a generic survey that is tailored to everyone’s needs. However, you can now choose to have even more flexibility by creating multiple surveys which are tailored to the recipient. This way, you can customise surveys to your organisational needs. For example, there may be a difference in the type of questions you want to ask your teams, one department may want more longer intervals between surveys & another may want the questions to be adapted for cultural differences.  


Supplemental categories

Winningtemp is based on our standard categories which are the foundation of our surveys. In addition to them, you can also access other categories with a variety of questions to complete the overall picture. Like our standard categories, these are also research-based and emerged from a collaboration with the University of Gothenburg. The areas are chosen based on market trends and feedback from our customers.

The 11 additional optional categories are: Sustainability, Self-Leadership, Ambassadorship, Trust, Innovation Capacity and Inclusion, Equality and Justice, Person-Job fit​, Transparency​, Psychological Safety​, Cross-Functional Collaboration​ and Subjective Well-being.

THere is a whole lot more in the pro PLAN

Smart Index

With the help of two graphs, you will be able to get the specific temperature on sickness absence and staff turnover. The temperatures in the graphs are based on different questions from several of the categories in our question bank.


The system will present you with predictions based on employee response patterns. If an employee has responded negatively to questions related to e.g. stress, this could lead to sick leave or the employee's resignation if not addressed.

Hot Topics

Winningtemp analyses the free text feedback provided by employees in conjunction with their answers and, using advanced text analysis, compiles the topics that are discussed the most.


Our Self-Leadership module enables the employee to gain insights based on their responses that the individual can then take action on to improve and track progress.

Compare with your own DATA

If you want to compare Winningtemp data with your own data, you can collect data from an external source using the Data Comparison feature. For example, if you measure NPS, you can also compare it to your company's eNPS score.


The analysis is part of our heatmap and shows response patterns for employees who have chosen to leave. Employee turnover analysis allows you to monitor and compare this with your engagement results - so you can proactively retain your talent.

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