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Vælg en plan, der passer dig bedst

Winningtemp tilbyder fire forskellige prisplaner, der er skræddersyet til din organisations behov og prioriteter.


Automatically send pulse surveys to listen and understand how your employees feel. Analyse and share the findings with your employees.


Get automated insights into key results. Take action, measure impact and work proactively to spend your time where it matters the most.


Create a communicative, self-leading culture and empower your employees to take charge of their own development.


Gain a deeper understanding your employees’ experience. Tailor your surveys even closer to your company’s needs.
Complete survey engine

Winningtemp is the perfect tool for businesses who want to collect feedback from their employees.

Our survey questions are based on over 600 research studies, and include the top 9 categories that influence employee engagement and wellbeing.

We make it easy to get feedback from your team, so you can identify and address any issues before they become a problem.

Customised manager reporting

The first step in driving change is sharing the insights with others. Manager Reports allow you to do this and more, so be sure that every monthly report includes a summary of what was accomplished during each week/month for comparison purposes as well!

By looking at your data together you can find improvement actions which will ultimately lead you towards better company culture


As a manager, it's important to dedicate time together with your employees to reflect, provide constructive feedback, and discuss your employee's job satisfaction and ambitions.

That's where Milestones will help you! Whether you prefer to create your own templates or use the ready-made ones, milestones facilitate productive conversations.

By inviting employees and allowing both the manager and employee to prepare in advance with notes and evaluations, the meeting becomes more effective. Moreover, the meeting notes will be conveniently saved within the platform, ensuring easy access whenever needed.

Smart segments

Smart Segments allow you to send out targeted questions to new hires or to a specific age group.

You can choose from a variety of attributes to customize the survey, while still keeping the employee completely anonymous.

Real-Time visual result

Knowing how your employees feel, whether or not they’re enjoying their work and how they are developing are some of the questions organisations want to know.

Employee surveys provide a snapshot of what the experience is like in your workplace, but the reality is constantly changing.

With real-time visual data, you can easily understand and identify recurring feedback and see trends in key categories such as employee satisfaction, autonomy and personal development; giving you the insight you need to build happier, high-performing teams.  


The first step in improving employee engagement is to gather feedback. But the big and more complex work comes next. Understanding your team's strengths and areas of improvement is often difficult and time-consuming to compile.

Winningtemps' automated Insights do this work for you. Managers are automatically shown the strengths  and areas of improvement for their team, including recomended actions to take.

Individual insights

Creating and maintaining a good corporate culture requires, among other things, trust and the ability to allow employees to work on their own development.

Individual insights focus on self-leadership and give each individual a deeper knowledge of their own well-being and commitment. These insights can then be used for personal development and as a basis for own actions and action plans.

Insights make it easier and more motivating for employees to work on the right areas, towards common goals.

Engagement Report

Data is a guide for many decisions and the need for a summary in a clear format is great. The process of creating a report and gathering data from different sources can often be time-consuming and feel overwhelming.

At Winningtemp, we have focused on making the difficult easy, and creating an annual report from your temperature data is just a few clicks away. The Engagement Report allows you to generate a presentation-friendly report, visualizing temperatures, eNPS and response participation. A perfect start for the upcoming meeting with the organisation.

Check-in solution

With the Check-in feature, you can quickly and easily get feedback from all of your employees. By logging in with a personal code, they can easily respond to your surveys.

This makes it easier for everyone to have a voice and contribute to the temperature of your organisation.


As a manager, you often work on a variety of tasks at the same time so it can be difficult to find time to work on important improvements within your team, let alone knowing which areas to focus on.

Our Actions feature does all the hard work for you. Using your team’s feedback, key focus areas are suggested for you, so you can easily create an action and focus on what matters: measuring the impact.

Actions are an easy way for the whole organisation to work together to improve employee engagement

1:1 & Follow-ups

It is important to have continuous 1:1 conversations with employees to work on personal development, your goals, and to strengthen the relationship with the employee.

These conversations are best when they are structured and well planned. In Winningtemp, you can schedule your 1:1 directly in the tool and both parties can prepare notes that are then displayed once the meeting has started.

All information is saved in the platform so you can easily go back and follow up from previous meetings.

Comparison with own datasource

With our External Data Source feature, you can import different types of data into Winningtemp and compare it with your temperature  results.

You'll be able to see if there is a correlation between job satisfaction and productivity levels in the workplace as well as how much staff turnover may have changed since introducing new policies and procedures.

Easily gain access to a holistic view of your organisation to measure impact and drive continuous improvement.

Slack & Teams Integration

Get a true picture of the well-being of your organisation by improving the response rate. Accessibility and simplicity are key - our integration with Slack makes it simple.

Employees receive a notification with a link directly in Slack and the survey is just a click away.


Dealing with problems that have arisen in the organisation or in a team can be difficult. The core of the problem might have been happening for a long time and be deeply rooted before it comes to the surface.

Using AI and machine learning, predictions give you important insight to help you to prevent problems by taking action before they occur.

Individual actions

Many organisations are striving for self-leadership in order to develop an agile and engaging culture. However, implementing self-leadership can often be challenging, and effectively following up on it can be even trickier.

Through Individual Actions, employees have the opportunity to create their own actionplans for improvements and monitor their progress. It serves as a valuable means of documenting the initiatives taken by employees and can be utilized as discussion points in future follow-up sessions.

Onboarding & offboarding surveys

Welcome new hires and say goodbye to those leaving with our easy-to-use onboarding and offboarding surveys.

Our ready-made surveys are designed to be tailored to the specific stage of employment, ensuring that you ask the right questions at the right time. With better insight into your employees' motivations and needs, you can make sure that everyone feels valued and supported throughout their time with your organisation.

Whether you're looking to improve your onboarding process or understand why departing employees have chosen to move on, our automated surveys will give you access to the data you need.

Employee recognition

Showing recognition is an essential part of any healthy workplace culture.

With Praise, employees can thank and show appreciation to their colleagues directly within the platform. This makes it easy to create a positive, uplifting environment where everyone feels valued.

Praise is the perfect way to make every day a good day.

Employee turnover analysis

Staff turnover is an important issue that requires a continuous process. With the help of Winningtemps Staff Turnover Analysis, you can stay ahead of the game and retain your talent.

The analysis shows response patterns for employees who have chosen to leave and allows you to follow up and compare with your engagement results - allowing you to proactively retain your talent.

Supplemental Categories

Sustainability, DE&I, self-leadership, ambassadorship, trust & innovation are all key areas the organisations want to understand and improve on. Well, now you can.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg, these 6 additional categories can be easily added to your surveys to get even more insight into your strengths and areas of improvement across the business.

Accuracy score

The Accuracy score gives you the insights you need to make confident decisions.

It calculates how accurate the results are, so you can focus on the most important areas that will have the biggest impact.

Smart index

Staff turnover and absenteeism can be critical for an organisation - but they're often complex and difficult to predict.

Smart index automatically compiles an index of the factors and issues that research shows have the greatest impact on both categories.

This gives you a real-time overview and the ability to continuously monitor changes in your organisation.

Multiple surveys

Asking the same questions to employees scattered in different countries, working on different tasks or where there are major cultural differences is not always easy. With Multiple Surveys, we've focused on making it easier for you as a company to ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time.

Using our Multiple Survey option, you now have the opportunity to send tailored, standard surveys that are always relevant to the different teams that you have within your organisation. The result? Employee feedback that's unique to your business.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication is a layered approach to securing data and applications where a system requires a user to present a combination of two or more credentials to verify a user's identity for login.

This will reduce the risk of login attacks and mitigate the security vulnerability for password breaches.

Hot Topics (NLP)

An open feedback culture is something that many organisations strive for, but going through and reading all the free text responses can be time consuming.

Hot Topics analyses your employees' comments and uses AI to aggregate the words or topics that were discussed the most.

With Hot Topics, you can save time and see which areas you should focus on.

Custom surveys

Looking to collect feedback on your new initiative or recent changes?

With Custom Surveys, you can easily capture feedback by adding or removing questions from the standard survey as well as asking specific questions to different departments or employees.  

Smart Benchmarking

You can use our Benchmark feature to see how your engagement results compare with all Winningtemp users, or even against the average in your industry.

Gain instant insight into how you’re performing against other organisations to make sure that you're always the employer of choice.

Heatmap analysis

By using Heat Map analysis, you can easily see which areas have low engagement and focus your attention there.

The data collated will quickly show you if an area needs more effort or not, so you can take action immediately to ensure that you support your teams in the best way possible.

Trend diagram

From individual feedback sessions to group exercises, you've already put a lot of improvements in place. But how do you know if they're having the right impact?

The Trend Diagram allows you to see which direction you're heading and understand the impact your initiatives are having over time.


“How likely are you to recommend working at [the company] to a friend or an acquaintance?”

Understand the eNPS for every employee from day one. With the eNPS question added seamlessly to every single month, you’ll have the most complete and up-to-date employer value proposition data available.

Anonymous 2-way conversations

With Anonymous Conversations, your employees are able to offer you honest feedback on what's going well and where there may be room for improvement.

It also gives them the opportunity to express their thoughts in an open manner without fear of being judged, creating a safe space where everyone's voice is heard.

Winningtemp API

Engagement is the key to success, but many companies struggle to correlate employment engagement data with business performance metrics.

Well, now you can. Our API can extract your eNPS and temperature data into other HRIS systems, so you have a complete picture of the performance of your organisation. Data-driven HR has never been easier.


Sharing the temperature results of your organisation or team creates a transparent and open working environment.

By activating our Widget feature, you can easily make the temperature available to all employees, so they can understand the health of their organisation and where Leaders are looking to improve.

Choose the categories you want to display and the size of the Widget, then add it to your intranet, reception display or website.

Custom logo

When new tools are implemented, it's not always easy for employees to know who the tool actually comes from, which in turn can result in a lower response rate to your surveys.

With the Custom logo you can take your company branding to new heights and make it clear to your employees that you as a company are behind the pulse surveys in Winningtemp.

A custom logo makes Winningtemp a little more personal to your employees and can also increase their engagement and understanding of why they should take the pulse surveys.

Bullying & discrimination alerts

Bullying and discrimination in the workplace is a serious issue that can have lasting effects on an employee's psychological health. However, it’s even more damaging when managers aren't alerted quickly enough to help them out.

Our Bullying and Discrimination alerts identify these situations and promptly alert managers so they can act quickly.

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