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The science behind effective organisations: 9 factors that matter most

The science behind effective organisations: 9 factors that matter most

In this guide, we review and explain the science behind 9 factors that we at Winningtemp developed together with PhD Leif Denti at the University of Gothenburg.

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Winning Through People Exploring HR Challenges in the Online Retail sector

Winning Through People Exploring HR Challenges in the Online Retail sector

In this industry overview, we discuss each of the 9 factors that science has shown to determine success through people and explore these in the context of the unique challenges currently being faced by employers in the online retail sector.

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Better sleep - Better work performance
Better sleep - Better work performance

Sleep expert Frida Rångtell shares the best methods for getting a well-deserved rest at night so you can perform at a high level during the day.

Cecilia Holmblad
Cecilia Holmblad
November 15, 2021
Employee experience -  Why do you need it and how do you improve it?
Employee experience - Why do you need it and how do you improve it?

It’s not enough to have great employee engagement - you need the entire employee experience to be top notch.

Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson
November 12, 2021
What’s driving The Great Resignation — and what can you do about it?
What’s driving The Great Resignation — and what can you do about it?

One of the greatest impacts of the pandemic was the space it cleared for reflection around what’s important. We were all reminded of the non-negotiables for happiness: our health and time spent with family and friends. The deck was also cleared to reflect around what we do for work (and how, and where). It became clear that the way we work could be re-evaluated and re-negotiated — there’s no such thing as a set system. Everything is a discussion; all can change.

Chelsea Milojkovic
Chelsea Milojkovic
October 27, 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Winningtemp support anonymity?

Yes, Winningtemp surveys are completely anonymous. Your manager will not know which answers you chose or which comment comes from which employee. This is done so that you as a user should feel completely confident in being honest and respond with absolute sincerity regarding your true perception of the employer. Read more about Winningtemp’s anonymity here.

How can I use the real-time data that Winningtemp provides?

Winningtemp not only presents a comprehensive picture of your organisation’s well-being, but we have gone a step further to visualise trends, index and insights in the form of strengths and areas of improvement, and give you suggestions for actions based on specific insights. This means that you do not need to analyse the data collected – Winningtemp does it for you.

We recommend working with the results in several stages – from strategic management meetings and management forums to workplace meetings and team meetings. Our clients’ management often works to follow up key figures in Winningtemp, such as eNPS , and sets long-term strategies to promote them. Business-minded leaders, in turn, create a forum where they discuss the results and formulate action plans.

How much does Winningtemp cost?

Winningtemp offers three plans: Essentials, Standard, and Pro. These packages vary in functions, level of manager support, and computer intelligence.

Essentials plan contains Winningtemp’s basic features that aim to give you an overview of how your organisation is doing. This package is suitable for smaller organisations that may not require the advanced features using artificial intelligence.

Standard gives you a deeper insight into the organisation’s well-being through intelligent insights into trend developments as well as warnings about mental ill-health and abusive discrimination. Here you can also chat anonymously with your team and get a holistic view of the organisation in a heatmap.

Pro includes Winningtemp’s latest features such as smart insights and action plans to increase your organisation’s job satisfaction, leadership, development and work environment. With this plan, you can assign activities, tasks, and follow-ups to keep the activities on track. Premium also includes a smart index based on AI, which gives you predictive reports on what your staff turnover will look like in the future. This package is tailor-made individually for each organisation, so you can get in touch with us for guidance.

In addition to the various packages, you can also purchase add-ons in Winningtemp, such as skills development, systematic one-on-ones, and goal management.

You can contact us if you want more information about pricing.

What do management teams think of Winningtemp?

Leaders usually think that Winningtemp supports them in their leadership by visualising how their employees are doing. With the insights, leaders can then prioritise where to direct their efforts to strengthen the entire employee experience.

With the help of Winningtemp’s smart suggestions and autogenerated reports, leaders can avoid deep-dives into statistics and focus on the insights – which saves time and contributes to efficiency. Many leaders have a gut feeling about how their employees feel, but with Winningtemp they gain concrete knowledge about their well-being and can initiate meaningful conversations with their team.


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