Security for empowering your team to speak up

We help you measure what matters, and act on it. Leverage the power of data to reduce employee stress, absenteeism, and staff turnover, while increasing engagement and satisfaction.

We’re certified!

We believe data security is key. All customer data is processed and secured within Europe by AWS and Azure, and all personal data is pseudonymised. In addition to our two ISO certifications, ISO 27001 and 27701, we also observe Shrems II with our pseudonymisation solution.

Security for the win

Engage in real conversations with your employees to let them contribute to the bigger picture - without sacrificing their anonymity.

Systematic GDPR compliance

Shrems II compliance

Secure European data

Smart Anonymisation 

UpCloud Germany pseudonymisation

SSO & API Integrations to HCM

Privacy& Security
by design 

Restricted data access


Our privacy notice

We care about your privacy and want you to feel safe when we process your personal data. The privacy notice gives information and describes how we process the data, so you can be sure that your personal data is secure using Winningtemp.