People analytics for organisational success

Let your people pave the way towards a winning culture. By taking your employees’ pulse, you get an overview of how your employees feel and what they need to stay happy, productive and loyal.

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Easily prioritise winning actions

With just a glance, you get a complete overview of your employees’ engagement levels. Our Heatmap analysis maps temperature scores by tenure, team, location or leader - helping you to identity challenges, prioritise your effort, and take action straight away.

Quick and instructive reports

Easily share your people analytics with the organisation. With just a few clicks, you’ll get a presentation-ready summary, visualising your survey results, trends, eNPS, participation rates and much more. Perfect to keep everyone updated and aligned on your organisational goals.

Prevent unwanted employee turnover with people analytics

Predict turnover in your teams - before it’s too late. Our Employee Turnover Analysis allows you see into the future by comparing response patterns for departed and current employees. By understanding the reasons behind the potential quit, you can proactively work on  action plans that will make your talents stay.


We believe that engaged employees lead to better results for the company. Winningtemp is an important tool in that journey, and that's why it's so fun that it's used so much by leaders and employees

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Connect your people data to your systems

Get a comprehensive overview on your organisation's performance. To create a healthy business inside and out, you need to work cross boarders. With our APIs, you can seamlessly extract your people analytics, eNPS and temperature data, integrating it with your HRIS systems.