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Empowering Employees

Giving you a voice

We help great companies grow by listening to the people who matter most – their employees

Make an impact

Be the change you want to see in your company.

Our platform enables you to make your voice heard and play a role in building a healthy, happy workplace.

Take control of your career development

Winningtemp empowers you to invite your managers to one-on-ones. These conversations keep your career growth front and centre, enabling you to take your performance to the next level

Self-leadership through action

Winningtemp serves as a springboard for meaningful action. Our Actions feature helps you take the lead on issues that are important to you and your team. Turn ideas into reality, track progress, and measure impact.

A safe space to share feedback

Our platform gives you the confidence to voice opinions and concerns to management. You can also flag serious issues such as bullying, discrimination, and harassment – or share ideas for improvement.

We make your privacy a priority

Meaningful relationships are built on trust and honesty. So when building and managing our platform, we wanted to make protecting employee privacy at it’s heart.

Our anonymous and secure 2 way chat features mean employees at every level can feel safe making their voice heard.

We also observe GDPR and post Schrems II compliance so you can be sure your data is protected.

Employee features

AI-assisted survey engine

Peer-to-peer praise

Secure & anonymous chat function

Find out how Winningtemp can amplify your voice

We use science and technology to help leaders build engaged and productive workplaces that can scale globally