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Play a role in fixing the world's $7.8 trillion workplace problem

Our team success platform helps you to create winning teams and healthy organisations by listening to every employee and empowering leaders with relevant insights and actions with clear measurable results.

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A high growth market

In recent years, organisations have invested billions in technologies that optimise the organisation – from logistics, production and financial management, to sales and marketing. But they have failed to invest in managing and optimising their greatest asset – their people.

We believe that the challenge – and the opportunity – lies in measurability. Significant investments in employee wellbeing require a tangible ROI.

That's where Winningtemp comes in. We use qualitative and quantitative analysis to measure and visualise how our platform creates value for customers.

Powered by artificial intelligence

Winningtemp is the world's most advanced solution for managing and optimising human resources. Based on more than 600 scientific studies, our AI-powered platform helps organisations visualise employee engagement in real-time, providing actionable insights that drive engagement and performance.

Our platform helps leaders and HR practitioners get a grip on employee engagement, enabling them to improve retention and productivity. So much so, 99% of companies choose to continue their partnership with us.

Supportering your employees throughout their time with you

By gathering real-time data from your people – from their first day with you, to their last – Winningtemp offers an overview of the their personal wellbeing, and that of your entire organisation. Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to proactively manage the long-term growth of the organisation, whilst flagging emerging issues before they develop into problems.

Automated support

Through continuous analysis of employee feedback our platform can discern positive and negative sentiment, generating automated action proposals that strengthen your business going forward. Winningtemp helps organisations and their leaders to reduce stress, absenteeism, and staff turnover while increasing commitment and satisfaction.

Our platform offers several meaningful benefis for organisaitons looking to improve employee wellbeing – goal management, skills development, and reconciliations – and we are always building new features to help you elevate your relationship with your people.

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