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Create an employee experience your employees love

Create an experience your employees love.

The easiest way to gain accurate, detailed and up-to-date insight into how your organisation is feeling. Pulse surveys offer an incredible opportunity to grow your business through consistent team feedback. Gain a better view of what’s happening around the organisation every week so that you can handle any hurdle.

Increase in job satisfaction from employees after 1 years usage
employee responses captured globally
decrease in negative stress reported by employees

We are proud to work with brands who put people first

Measure and optimise company culture

Winningtemp uses cutting-edge science and technology to help you understand how your employees really feel – and help them feel better.

Easily listen, measure, and optimise company culture with employee pulse surveys created by leading research scientists at Gothenburg University, and optimised using AI for maximum engagement

Better work culture with Winningtemp
Your people are everything to your business
Engage in real conversations with your employees, showing them how they contribute to the bigger picture.
Culture changes when people feel heard
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