Science and AI for a simpler work life

We help you measure what matters, and act on it. In our science-based platform you can easily spot stress levels and predictions in absenteeism and turnover. Just let AI lead you the way.

Leading research behind a smarter way of working

Created together with leading research scientist Leif Denti at Gothenburg University in Sweden, our cutting-edge solution is based on science, fuelled by data, and driven by AI. Our data helps you to understand your employees better, helping you to make smart, proactive decisions to boost their engagement while decreasing stress levels and employee turnover.

Right questions lead to winning actions

By researching in Web of Science, Business Source Premier and PsycInfo databases, we found the secrets behind our survey question battery and method. Our platform selects unique questions for each team member, helping leaders to discover their teams’ wants, needs and challenges, and science-based actions - to make a winning difference

5 Winning Ways for efficient leadership

Team success is not a buzzword. Our experts have - together with Leif Denti (PhD, Innovation Leadership and Management) at University of Gothenburg - discovered the 5 Winning Ways that will help you create a high-performing and healthy teams that constantly hits targets.