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We help you measure what matters, and act on it. Leverage the power of data to reduce employee stress, absenteeism, and staff turnover, while increasing engagement and satisfaction.

A platform developed in partnership with a world-leading research institution

As part of their mission to revolutionize employee engagement we have worked in collaboration with Leif Denti P.h.D (Innovation Leadership and Management) at the University of Gothenburg.

Our research project allowed us to understand more about what data really matters when it comes to predicting employee behaviour. This means we can suggest intelligent action plans to help reduce employee stress, absenteeism, and staff turnover, while increasing satisfaction.

Feel confident you’re asking the right questions

Working out which data was truly important was the key aim of Leif Denti’s whitepaper research, so that we could make sure Winningtemp’s surveys measure what really matters.

The research drew from studies incorporating the Web of Science, Business Source Premier and PsycInfo databases which meant that were able to find concrete evidence for the usefulness of measuring certain factors.

The upshot is, because we know we’re asking the right questions, you can feel sure you’re getting the answers you need and recommendations you can trust.

The result?

9 key metrics guaranteed to measure engagement levels across your business


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Leadership includes an employee’s perception of how their team, organisation, and personal career are being managed. Small things – such as regular one-to-ones hosted via by the Winningtemp platform – can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of an entire organisation.

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Autonomy is an employee’s ability to act with control, choice, and freedom. It means employees can control key aspects of their work, such as how they use their time, and allows them the freedom to choose how they perform they day-to-day tasks.

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Personal development

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Personal development means the number of opportunities open to an employee to develop in work-related knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as personal effectiveness, teamwork, and leadership. It can also include non-work related activities, such as achieving work-life balance, productivity, and stress management.

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Meaningfulness refers to an employee’s sense of purpose, including how connected they feel to their work and motivated to do their best for the organisation. Through strong leadership, a company can create a solid foundation of personal development, trust, team spirit, participation, and meaning.

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Participation includes how invested employees are in the running of the organisation, to what extent they serve as brand ambassadors, and their involvement in decision-making processes.

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Work situation

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Work Situation refers to what work employees are undertaking, including the nature of tasks, their psychological and physical requirements, how they are being rewarded, the extent of their workload, and how fairly workloads are distributed. Negative factors, such as work-related stress, must be considered too.

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Job satisfaction

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Job satisfaction covers an employee’s feelings about their work, as well their attitudes towards their employer. Utilising systems, for example, whereby an employee can feel appreciated for their work by giving public praise about someone else's achievements, is a good way of raising job satisfaction levels.

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Commitment refers to how dedicated employees feel towards their work, and the extent to which they will strive to help the company achieve its goals. Employees who are not engaged will be less loyal to their employers, more prone to absenteeism, and less committed.

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Team spirit

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Team Spirit refers to the energy produced when a team works together. It involves feelings of pride, belonging, dedication, gratitude, and the willingness to go the extra mile to support the team and the wider organisation.

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Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at our scientific method – we take data security extremely seriously too.

All customer data is processed and secured within Europe by AWS​, and all personal data is pseudonymised. We have two ISO-certificates: 27 701 & 27 001, and we observe Post-Schrems II compliance.

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