Winning teams & sustainable organisations

We don’t sacrifice performance for well-being – we know that you need both for making an entire organisation sustainable. That’s why our mission is to positively impact millions of businesses around the world to listen and engage with their teams.

We create impact

A common denominator for our main investors – Bonnier Ventures, Frog Capital, Almi Invest, Chalmers Ventures and Norrsken - is that they invest in companies that can create positive change in society.

Besides reporting on our development as a company and the impact we are making, Winningtemp reports on sustainability on a regular basis.

Global Goals

We support the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and work actively to improve:

Health & Wellbeing

Through our product, we help millions of people improving their work situation every day.

Gender Equality

We don't tolerate any discrimination and work actively towards gender equality on all levels.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

We provide development opportunities and fair remuneration packages to our employees. We make sure that we follow laws and regulations in the countries where we operate.

Our initiatives


We actively aim to create a product that promotes sustainable teams and secure environments,


We actively aim to have a diverse, inclusive and healthy work culture where anyone can succeed.

We actively aim to contribute to a better climate and planet in all the ways we can.



A sustainable tool

When we feel heard as employees, we feel and perform better. We know this for a fact at Winningtemp because we use our own tool and benefit from AI-generated insights continuously.

Our platform helps us and our customers build a healthy, productive culture from the ground up. We make sure to act on feedback and use regular temperature meetings with our teams.

IT security & data privacy

Winningtemp is ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified. Our business has the latest risk management and security controls in place, and meet international privacy regulations and laws in GDPR and the Data Protection Act. We prioritise data security and privacy which is why we can offer:

Systematic GDPR implementation
All personal data is ISO IEC 27001
All data to be processed and secured within Europe
Confidential functionality


Wellness & Wellbeing

Employee well-being is one of our top priorities here at Winningtemp. We use our own product to identify trends and factors that might affect an employee’s health and wellness. In compliance with current legislation in the work country, we strive to constantly improve our work environment.

​Every year, we host a theme week called “Health Days"
that includes wellness activities such as meditation, yoga, running hours, lectures around food, and positive psychology.

Work environment

We ensure a safe, stimulating work environment where nobody in our company falls ill or gets injured because of work-related factors such as physical, mental, and social.

Our procedures comply with the current work environment legislation in the country of work. Additionally, we use the Winningtemp tool to collect information on employee well-being and engagement to train our managers to act on the results.

Gender balance

We encourage and believe in equal representation of women and men across the organisation and in leadership positions, and work proactively to attract and develop a diverse set of skilled individuals to our team. Creating a work environment and culture that is inclusive, equitable and diverse is key to success. Current gender distribution:



People Managers


Executive Management


This is a continuous work in progress that we keep in mind when recruiting a new colleague.

Diversity & inclusion

We work actively to provide an inclusive and diverse work environment at Winningtemp. We regularly have conversations regarding our values and behaviours and conduct internal trainings to raise awareness regarding unconscious bias, and the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Internal recruitments

Before we choose to recruit new talent to Winningtemp, we always look at which talents we have in the company. When we post a job externally, we encourage our employees to apply for the job if they are interested.

The purpose is to have our employees on top of mind when it comes to professional development.


Environmental policy

Winningtemp actively takes part in the societies where we operate, and we endorse the global transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy. Devoted to minimise the adverse environmental impact of our business, we:

Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations in the regions and countries where we operate.

Travel from our office in Gothenburg to our offices in Stockholm and Oslo are preferably done by train or bus.

Have designated areas - at every office - for waste recycling and everyone is expected to take responsibility for correctly handling individual waste.

Winningtemp does not provide any company car benefits to management or employees.

Office environment

We have chosen a city central office for all of our offices to minimise the extent of daily commute for our employees. We encourage recycling initiatives at our HQ and always consider how we can use what we have instead of buying new things.

For all company events, we assess our purchases and determine whether these products can be reused. Further more, we have motion controlled sensors that control the lights in almost all areas of our office.