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Empowering HR

A game-changer for HR teams

Attract the right people, improve retention, and build a strong culture – no matter where your employees work.

Less admin, more impact

Spend less time gathering data from manual surveys and more time driving cultural change. Winningtemp pulse surveys take less than 8 seconds to complete and our average response rates are 95% so you wont be wasting time chasing responses.

Achieve your vision for employee wellbeing and company culture. Our platform lets you visualise engagement levels, access crucial employee feedback in real-time, and track the impact of HR initiatives

Turn people into your greatest asset

Our real-time temperature dashboard gives you visibility over employee satisfaction levels, helping you proactively manage issues that impact their wellbeing and showcase the impact of HR to senior leadership.

Winningtemp's automated survey engine enables employees to make their voices heard, and our action plans help you turn feedback into objectives.

Prevent, don't cure

Attract and retain top talent.

Winningtemp helps you identify and understand flight risks. Get notified when there are talent turnover risks in your organisation, insights into why it's happening, and concrete suggestions about what to do next.

Help managers become better leaders

HR teams get real-time insights to understand how leaders are performing across departments. Winningtemp also provides managers with tools for better communication, giving and receiving constructive feedback, and developing the potential of their teams.

Gauge the organisation's temperature across the entire employee lifecycle

Prebuilt onboarding and offboarding templates intuitively capture key moments in the employee lifecycle

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Support the mental health and wellbeing of every employee

Nothing beats a personal check-in. Winningtemp's breakthrough technology opens the doors to employee feedback thanks to anonymous pulse survey responses, secure chat portals, and safe whistleblowing features. Now employees can safely make their voices heard about issues impacting their work.

Features for HR

AI-powered survey engine

Action plans with measurable impact

Real-time temperature dashboard

Peer-to-peer praise

Secure anonymous 2 way chat

Find out how Winningtemp can help your team

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