Team meetings for team success

Effective and honest communication is a must. Our platform leaders with frequent team meetings that spark engaging conversations and ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

Guided temperature meetings

Lead your team towards success using our  temperature team meetings. An easy and interactive way to discuss temperature scores, commit to solutions and follow up on the progress - with zero preparation and 100% engagement!

Team meetings with productive goal-setting

Milestones is the go-to solution for reflection, constructive feedback and goal-setting between leaders and their team members. By letting HR creating the templates, you can streamline your process and align on your people strategy goals -  taking your organisation’s engagement to the next level!

Simple and frequent follow-ups

Track progress, support your team, and drive winning personal development like a breeze. With our feature Follow-ups, you can hold and align with your team on shorter meetings. Celebrate and support growth in your team.

Anonymous 2-way conversations

Every opinion matters! Anonymous conversations are every employee’s safe haven to express any thought openly, free from judgment. Discuss what's working well and what can be improved to unlock a culture where everyone thrives.