Employee surveys for creating a winning difference

Our complete survey engine collects anonymous feedback about your employees’ work situation and well-being, helping you to drive change and engagement for every single team.

Giving every team member a voice

Our ready-made and frequent employee surveys only take 8 seconds to answer and help your organisation and leaders to gather valuable and real-time information about each team’s challenges and work situation. The results are displayed in temperatures making it easy to get an overall impression of how each department and team is doing.

Science and AI steering the wheel

Crafted from over 600 research studies our employee surveys, combined with smart AI, match each team member with the right questions - just for them! This removes any guesswork, making it possible for leaders to identify and take action on challenges before it’s too late.

Customised employee surveys for smarter decisions

Whether you're evaluating organisational changes or simply asking for feedback on a new idea, our customised surveys let you easily create your own questions for the whole organisation or specific teams. This gives you the flexibility needed for making even smarter decisions - backed by the organisation.

Real-time employee loyalty scores

The eNPS question is seamlessly integrated into our surveys, giving you a comprehensive and always up-to-date understanding of your employer value proposition. Analyze your eNPS and compare with temperatures to find a way forward to improved ambassadorship.

Automate onboarding and offboarding surveys

Drive continuous improvements to make every employee feel valued and supported throughout their employment. By aligning the onboarding and offboarding processes, you save time and collect honest feedback about your entire employee experience.

100% anonymous

Meaningful relationships are built on trust and honesty. It’s why Winningtemp protects employees and their privacy at all costs, allowing them to anonymously share concerns or flag bullying, discrimination, and harassment. straight with management.