Data-driven actions for winning teams

Let data guide you towards efficient leadership. Our platform helps creating successful teams that everyone wants to be part of by transforming feedback to actionable insights.

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Remove the guesswork from your decisions & actions

The platform analyses your team's feedback and suggests recommended actions based on world-leading research. This gives leaders time to focus on what really matters - creating plans for improving the engagement and performance and setting them in action.

Discover hot topics

Our AI analyses your employees' comments, intelligently sorting the most-discussed words and topics. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to streamlined insights. With Hot Topics, you not only save time but also gain a clear perspective on the areas that needs action.

Rapid response for bullying or discrimination

It’s hard for you to spot a problem without having your finger on the pulse. With our bullying and discrimination alerts, you can quickly understand how your employees are feeling, address any problems and start work on an action plan... because everyone has the right to feel good at work.

Empower self leadership

Now you can put your team in charge of their own development. With Individual Actions, each team member gains insights of what they do well and what they can improve based on their answers. They can also craft their own action plans straight in our platform - perfect discussion points for follow-up sessions with their leaders.


Our long-term goal is a 75% response rate, and that certainly does not feel impossible. We have also received around 6,000 comments since we started with Winningtemp, which is so much fun.