Team insights for empowering leaders

Turning data into relevant insights. Our platform transforms and analyses feedback for proactive decision-making that helps teams to remain healthy and high performing.

Real-time temperatures and team insights

Keep track of how employees feel about their work situation. Our temperatures collate the feedback and breaks the result down into nine main categories – visible on a company and team level. This way each team can easily spot areas in which they already shines and where they need to put in extra work.

Spot upward and downward trends

Gain the team insights needed to create happier, winning teams and better work culture. In our platform, you can easily identify recurring feedback and spot trends in critical areas like employee satisfaction, autonomy, and personal development.

Save time with automated insights

Gathering and decoding feedback can be time consuming. That’s why team's insights are neatly presenting strengths and areas of improvement to leaders, together with new trends highlighted together with tailored recommendations for how to take action.

Foresee employee turnover and absenteeism

Identify and track potential employee turnover and sick leave – simply by letting our AI send predictions of the number of employees that might be in the red zone and why that is. The smart index also helps you to connect the dots by highlighting which temperatures have influenced the situation.

Benchmark your employee engagement

Our smart benchmark allows you to effortlessly measure your engagement results against averages temperatures in specific industries or among Winningtemp’s community. Perfect if you want to boost your engagement internally or outshine your competition becoming the employer of choice.


Winningtemp gave us the tools to establish a benchmark and measure what we do based on actual, honest feedback from our employees.