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Our team success platform give leaders relevant insights to make meaningful differences for their team. Every small change paves the way to a culture where everyone succeeds together.

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Complete team temperatures

Our temperatures correlate the feedback and breaks the result down into nine main categories. This way you can easily spot  which areas your team shines and where they need to put in some extra work.

Make proactive decisions

Stop guessing what your team wants and needs to stay happy, productive and loyal - make data-driven decisions your team supports. The platform suggests recommended actions based on world-leading research. This gives you time to focus on what really matters..

How Winningtemp makes life easier


Real-time temperatures

for an overall view of the team’s work situation



on efficient leadership for
your team



on trends, absenteeism and employee turnover



to set goals and align team

5 Winning Ways for effective leadership

By now we all know that employee engagement is way more than a buzzword. Because when employees are genuinely engaged, they are more committed, innovative and enthusiastic about their work. And the end results of that is... a booming business. But it takes more than just knowing how important employee engagement is, doing something about it and helping it thrive is something else. That’s why our engagement experts - together with Leif Denti (PhD, Innovation Leadership and Management) at University of Gothenburg have delved into research and discovered the 5 Winning Ways that will help you boost your leadership skills and your team's engagement.