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Healthy culture, healthy business

Companies that invest in culture can increase their profitability by 25%
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Lead with confidence

See into the future and take leadership to the next level.

Collect the kind of game-changing insights that typically come from employee exit interviews. Winningtemp’s AI combines detailed understanding of job satisfaction levels and turnover risk, with actionable insights on how to better support your people.

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Attract the best people

Make culture your unfair advantage in the war for talent.

Winningtemp enables you to build a healthy and productive culture from the ground up, by listening to your employees and actioning their feedback.

To predict the future, create it

Help leaders across your organisation to improve their performance through measurable data and actionable insights .

Automated recommendations help your people to take ownership and drive progress from the top down, and the ground up.

Build a diverse, inclusive and empowered organisation.

Winningtemp gives every employee a voice, creating higher job satisfaction, productivity, and morale. Leaders use our platform to understand if employees think their organisation is inclusive enough, allowing them to make suggestions on how it can be improved.

Build high-performing teams

Inspire and empower employees to do the best work of their lives through consistent feedback and listening. Our platform helps ingrain a feedback culture with features for career milestone conversations, praise, upvoting team topics and follow-ups.

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