Information about processing of personal data

The aim of the Winningtemp service is to contribute to participation and transparency in an organisation as regards development and wellbeing. As a user, you can follow your own development and how this contributes to the whole organisation. The service we offer collects and visualises data in real time to portray your experience of leadership, meaning, control and satisfaction at work. Your employer has chosen to purchase this service from winningtemp AB. When you choose to use the Winningtemp service, we at winningtemp AB will gain access to your personal data.

The terms ”we, ours and us” refers to winningtemp AB.

It is your choice whether you use the Winningtemp service or not, and this means that it is voluntary whether you decide to give winningtemp AB access to your personal data by participating. If you do decide to use the Winningtemp service, we require your agreement that we can process your personal data, which is necessary in order to provide this service to you and your employer.

Responsibility for your personal data

The one responsible for processing your personal data is:

Name: Winningtemp AB

Swedish Organisation No: 556862-3101

Postal adress: Östra Hamngatan 31, 411 10 Göteborg

E-mail dress:

Phone: 031-132100

Personal data that is needed for processing

When you use the Winningtemp service, winningtemp AB will collect and process the following personal data:

  • Your first name and surname
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your date of birth
  • Your picture
  • Credentials
  • The date when you began your current work
  • Praise you have received
  • Comments you make about activities and events listed in Winningtemp
  • Information about wellbeing at your work.

Goal of data processing

The data is processed to enable you to login and use the service, so that you can follow your progress and to measure on a group level the wellbeing of you and your employees at your workplace.

Legal grounds for processing the data

The legal grounds for the processing of your personal data is that processing is necessary to meet our legitimate interest in providing our service and that processing is necessary to meet the legitimate interest of third parties (your employer) in providing a good work environment for their employees.

Period for processing and data storage

Winningtemp AB will process and store your personal data as long as you and your employer use the Winningtemp service and for a period of three months after your employee has ceased to use the Winningtemp service, or three months after you have left your employment with your employer if you leave while your employer is still using the service.

Automatized decision/profiling

Personal data processing based on winningtemp AB’s legitimate interests under this act does not mean that there is automated decision making or profiling that affects you legally or in other significant way

Processing by a third party and transfer of personal data

We also provide your personal information to our service providers who process personal information on our behalf, so-called personal data processors. We have agreements with our Personal Data Processors that ensure that they process your personal information in accordance with this document and our instructions. As an example of third parties that we provide your personal information to, we may mention IT companies that provide systems we use or support to us.

Winningtemp and Winningtemp’s Personal Data Processors generally treat your personal information only within the EU and EEA. Should personal data be processed outside the EU and EEA, Winningtemp will take steps to ensure that personal data remain as protected and also take the necessary steps to legally transfer personal data to countries outside the EU and EEA.

Anonymous information

Winningtemp AB will collect and use all the data and information which you give when you use the Winningtemp service. Note that all data processed by winningtemp AB for the compilation of statistics and to show development trends is presented in an anonymous way. Note also that all such information that winningtemp AB shows to your employer is presented in an anonymous way.

Your rights

Winningtemp AB will only process your personal data in accordance with the statements given in this document and according to relevant legislation.

You have the right to write to winningtemp AB and request to receive free information free of charge about what personal data winningtemp AB has registered about you as well as how this data is used. You also have the right to request that we correct or remove inaccurate information about you, request that we limit your treatment, object to our processing of your personal information, and have your information disclosed to you or transferred to another personal data controller.

In case of any questions about the way winningtemp AB processes your personal data, participation agreement, requests for corrections or release of your personal data, please contact us at the above postal address, telephone number or e-mail address.

You also have the right to complain about winningtemp AB’s processing of your personal data or handling of questions related to it. These complaints can be sent to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen in Swedish). Visit

Datainspektionen/Dataskyddsmyndigheten (the authority will be named Dataskyddsmyndigheten in 2018)

Box 8114

104 20 Stockholm


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