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The most inspiring lunchtime conversations coming to the UK!

All the way from Sweden, Cecilia Holmblad an experienced  HR leader, is here with our brand new concept, Lunch & Learn! In Sweden it's a huge success with over 6000 HR leaders within the community.

When established norms start to outlive their usefulness, the need to learn and experiment becomes more important than ever. Let us inspire you!

We offer regular digital Lunch & Learns where we explore hot topics with fantastic guest speakers. You will find previous episodes here in the Lunch & Learn library below 👇

Why should you join in?

  • DEVELOPMENT: Expand your knowledge and apply it to your company’s and your own development. For free ;) 
  • TOOLBOX: Get equipped with concrete tips you can put to use in your day-to-day.
  • ENERGY BOOST: Enjoy 45 minutes worth of inspiration in the company of like-minded, curious people.

Who is Lunch & Learn for?

EVERYONE (regardless of title or dream title) can enjoy these content-packed sessions.

When do Lunch & Learns typically take place?

We most often run on Wednesdays from 12:00 - 12:45. Themes and sessions are added on an ongoing basis. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on what’s up next!

Every Lunch & Learn ends with a 10-minute Q&A.

*Note that every session requires a separate registration. If you don’t have the opportunity to participate live, we recommend registering anyway. We send the recording aftwards to all registered participants.

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What is the hot trend "workforce wellness"

What is the hot trend "workforce wellness"

Join us as we meet the inner wellness coach Suhail Mirza, a well known qualified life coach and senior advisor. We will talk about workforse wellness, what it is and what it means.

Key take aways from the session:

  • 53 million more people suffer from depression compared to before the pandemic.
  • The effects of the pandemic on wellness will be felt for several years.
  • The key to people retention is found in the company culture.

Suhail Mirza
How to improve wellness - with knowledge about sleep

How to improve wellness - with knowledge about sleep

‍Join us as we meet the sleep expert Frida Rångtell at Sleep Cycle to discuss how modern society affects our sleep, and how you can optimise your sleep pattern at night to feel better when you’re awake.

Key take aways:

  • People in 2021 are sleeping longer, but with lower quality.
  • Good sleep helps with learning and creativity.
  • Managers should act as role models of good sleep habits.
  • Sacrificing sleep is nothing to brag about.

Frida Rångtell
Three ways to succeed with Employee Experience

Three ways to succeed with Employee Experience

Join us as we meet Josh Ash, Head of Partnerships at Humaans, and take about employee experience.

Key take aways:

  • Employee experience is all about what a person hears, feels and sees from when they become a candidate to when they leave the company.
  • A good employee experience is fundamental to keeping people motivated and happy. Today, its not good enough to work solely with employee engagement.
  • If an employee leaves early, they can cost 5x more than their regular salary.

Josh Ash
45 mins
Cecilia Holmblad - Head of advocacy and kol marketing relations

Cecilia Holmblad


With over 10 yeas experience as an HR director, Cecilia have seen how working with PEOPLE generates both GROWTH and PROFIT! Today she is a proud coworker at Winningtemp.

”The concept of Lunch & Learn was created during the spread of Coronavirus, as an initiative to support and boost HR and Leaders within a digital environment on relevant subjects. Not too stiff, Not too Long, Not too much. Basically - easily consumed knowledge. I never would have dreamed it would become such a success in Sweden"


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Lunch & Learn gives me energy & inspiration"

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A wonderful break from the ordinary working day!!

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Very interesting and valuable, besides, you can watch it again and show your colleagues"

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Thanks for all the great tips and inspiration! Love Lunch and learning

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