Revolutionise your way of working with Winningtemp

A whole new level of engagement

Lift employee engagement to new heights with an intuitive, AI-powered solution for measuring and working with employee feedback.

AI-assisted surveys

Start collecting employee feedback year-round, in a way that's easy for all. And at a frequency that works for your business. Thanks to our AI behind the scenes and research-based survey questions, Winningtemp collects and delivers the most relevant data about employee engagement.

Real-time data dashboard

Check in on how employees are faring. Winningtemp gives you the “temperature” of employee wellbeing & engagement on clear 1-10 scales.

Understand how your organisation is performing across categories like Leadership and Job Satisfaction, and easily benchmark against industry peers.

Action plans

Hear about the concerns, ideas, and ambitions of your employees — in a forum where they can share honestly and comfortably.  

Winningtemp’s anonymous conversation portal enables employees to give more context to their survey feedback and chat directly with their manager.  

Meaningful conversations that motivate - for real

No need to log in — insights and predictions delivered straight to you

Life gets busy — sometimes we need the most essential, most actionable information placed right in our palm. This is what Insights in Winningtemp is all about. As a manager, you get the most important trends in employee sentiment data, distilled for you and pushed right to your email or Winningtemp app once a week.

Boost self-leadership through reflection, 1:1s, and personalised insights

Help employees raise their own engagement levels. Winningtemp delivers personalised insights and recommendations to help each individual self-lead and boost job satisfaction. Regular, well-documented 1:1s with their managers help create 2-way accountability.

Boost self-leadership through reflection, better 1:1s, and personalised Insights
A secure, internal whistleblowing system for reporting misconduct

A secure, internal whistleblowing system for reporting misconduct

Keep the door to critical employee feedback always open. With Winningtemp’s Whistleblowing portal, employees can confidentially report misconduct as soon as it occurs.
Reports open into a secure, anonymous chat where the individual in charge of compliance can ask follow-up questions and provide updates into investigations.

Gather valuable onboarding & offboarding insights

First and last impressions make a real impact. With the help of research-based templates, Winningtemp enables you to gather relevant information about how employees are feeling and thinking during key touch points of their employment.


Avega Group invests in employee development through Winningtemp

We need to understand our consultants as well as possible to create an environment that is as healthy as possible. The fact that employees themselves, through Winningtemp, can give us clues as to how to improve the retention and development of our employees is priceless.

Avega Group invests in employee development through Winningtemp

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