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Our features at a glance

Build an Engaged, happy workplace with our intuitive platform

Winningtemp helps you understand how your people really feel, with actionable insights on how to support them

Quickly capture employee feedback

Our automated pulse surveys take just 8 seconds to complete, empowering your employees to provide valuable feedback.

Automated Analysis

Our platform analyses thousands of pulse surveys every day, turning them into actionable insights so you can focus on delivering impact

Understand culture at a glance

Effortlessly identify key trends across the employee experience using real-time data to showcase trends in key categories such as job satisfaction, autonomy & personal development.

Powerful people analytics

Turn insights into action by aligning employee engagement and performance.

Winningtemp helps you visualise employee engagement in 9 key categories, across the entire employee lifecycle and breadth of your organisation. Our heatmaps compare how different teams, offices, and departments are feeling, giving you deep insights into your workforce and helping you retain talent.

Visualise the future with predictions

Get instant insights into who’s at risk of leaving and why, including details on the specific behaviours that are driving them away. Insights will also alert you to positive changes in employee attitudes, highlighting in real-time the impact employee engagement is having on your teams.

Follow-ups: Make it personal

You and your team are more effective when you talk one-on-one. Using the Follow-up feature, your managers can effortlessly schedule real-time discussions and ensure everyone is striving toward the same goals.

Actions: Plan and track change

When you collect employee feedback, you want to make sure that actions are taken to improve employee engagement. That’s where Actions come in. Draft, track and measure the impact of your initiatives so you can see how you’re contributing to company goals.

eNPS: Protect and build your reputation

Understand the eNPS for every employee from day one. With the eNPS question added seamlessly to every single month, you’ll have the most complete and up-to-date employer value proposition data available.


Lead your team towards success using our interactive temperature meetings. An easy way to discuss temperature scores, commit to solutions and follow up on the progress - with zero preparation and 100% engagement!

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The power of praise

Make every day your best day by giving Praise. With Winningtemp, it's easy to create a culture of appreciation, allowing employees to give thanks and recognition to their peers. Easily send personalised praises using a system of awards and badges.

Conversations: Anonymous two-way dialogue

Foster transparency by enabling employees to initiate anonymous conversations with their managers helping to confront small issues before they become big problems. Winningtemp allows employees to initiate anonymous 2 way conversations with their managers, helping both managers, and employees, better understand how to create successful teams.

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