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Unleash innovation through self-leadership

Give employees the tools to lead engagement

Engagement doesn't need to be a top-down initiative. Our platform gives employees the tools to understand engagement, both personally and within their teams.

This overview is paired with a constant stream of insights and recommendations to help employees take ownership and drive progress.

Ongoing evaluation and feedback sessions
Ongoing evaluation and feedback sessions

Automated, science-backed guidance at every turn

Issues are a given in any line of work. It's our response to those issues that make the difference between a dysfunctional organisation and an effective, resilient one.  

Winningtemp shortens the response time between issues and informed actions. Crafted by our People Science team, these tips are informed by both scientific research and field-tested HR strategies.

Co-create an inspired & engaged work culture

Nothing inspires engagement quite like the ability to make a lasting impact. Action plans in Winningtemp give employees and leaders the tools to turn aspirations into realities.

With Winningtemp, both teams and individuals can work on the changes they want to see — and track the impact of their efforts in the data.

Ongoing evaluation and feedback sessions

Drive personal development with smart 1:1s

Custom-built templates to prepare for one-on-ones

Document a history of self-leadership

Winningtemp puts employees in the driver's seat of engagement and personal development. With our Milestones and Follow-ups feature, employees can request 1:1s of different types with their managers. These requests and the subsequent meeting notes are logged in Winningtemp, creating a detailed history of each employee's experience at work and their efforts towards continuous improvement.

Set goal-oriented follow-ups

Structure for a richer conversation

There's a lot to cover in a 1:1 — preparation will help you get to the key issues, faster. Winningtemp sends you your 1:1's question template in advance, so both parties have time to submit their answers. With this background already done, you can dive right in to your meeting.

Confirm and record discussions easily

Integrity through verification

When it comes to performance talks, it's important to be on the same page about agreements and appraisals. After the meeting is complete, you will be asked to verify the meeting notes, where you have a chance to review how the 1:1 was documented. Should a new manager be introduced, they will have full documentation to refer to that was verified by both parties.

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Excellent employee experience – the true measurement of performance for Sigma


Having a healthy workplace is essential, and Winningtemp delivers accurate measurement of performance. We follow-up on our financial ROI regularly, but we think that it’s equally important to track employee satisfaction and performance data in the same way. The platform provides trends and forecasts in real-time and in a visual format.

Excellent employee experience – the true measurement of performance for Sigma

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