Fighting turnover in 2023

If you want to keep your talents, listen up! Because we've deep-dived into our data and discovered trends that will keep your retention in check and your business successful.

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Keep your talents

Does your business have to "do more with less" due to cost savings and talent shortages? You're not alone. Times are tough and finding the right people that can take your company forward is vital.

But still, employees are deciding to quit. And replacing them is expensive.

Our report "Fighting Turnover: What matters the most for employees in 2023" uncovers the true reasons why employees choose to leave, and teach how you - as a manager and organisation - can prevent that from happening.

No trust - no loyalty

A relationship is nothing without trust. And the relationship between employers and employees is no different.

Lack of trust is the biggest reason why employees wave goodbye, followed by low job satisfaction and meaningfulness.

  • Employees who feel the management team doesn’t have good motives and intentions are 81% more likely to leave.

Managers happier than employees​

Managers think there's a much higher sense of participative decision-making in the workplace, scoring 12% higher than employees. The same goes for autonomy and personal development, two areas that employees rank much lower than managers.

While managers are more engaged, the differences in scores tell us that managers can do more to ensure everyone is provided the same opportunities as they are.

Generational differences in wants

One organisation. Four generations. And several different wants and needs to cater to.

  • Baby Boomers must have confidence in management treating them fairly.
  • Generation X values job satisfaction and trust the most.
  • Millennials need to know their employer is the best one for them and their work is meaningful.
  • Gen Z's believe that business ethics and social responsibility are important to a company’s survival.

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