From insight to action — Introducing our new self-leadership module

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October 20, 2021
From insight to action — Introducing our new self-leadership module

If you’re familiar with Winningtemp, then you know that we’re passionate about giving leaders a better way to understand how their workforce is feeling and take the right actions to support them.  

We’re excited to announce the next step of this journey, which is enabling all users of Winningtemp (which is to say, all employees) to engage in the work of understanding how they themselves are feeling and taking the right actions to support their wellbeing at work. In other words, to meaningfully engage in self-leadership.

As Winningtemp’s People Scientist, Rahat Joshi, puts it:

Any sort of change starts from within. A manager can only have so much impact in bringing change, but if each one of us engages in the work, these tiny little bits of change go such a long way in bringing overall change in our wellbeing, in our overall experience at work. Being responsible for ourselves is the first step in being able to effectively lead others.”

We have built out an entirely new part of our platform that is dedicated to supporting each user’s capacity to self-lead and bring about changes in themselves and their teams.  

Move the needle on engagement

Each temperature category in Winningtemp now opens up into a dashboard, where active efforts to understand and influence temperature can take place.  

Every user of Winningtemp can access these dashboards, where they will see the most important developments within each category and be able to access their own Insights.  

Our People Science team, in-house HR experts, and external advisors have collaborated to create an extensive set of field-tested recommendations for each Insight. The recommendations are designed to build a bridge between knowledge and action, speeding up the process of positive change. They can serve as a playbook or simply inspiration for the right next step.  

Each Winningtemp category is now equipped with a dashboard that helps you close the gap between insights and actions.

The foundation of self-leadership — Insights!  

Insights distill the most important developments and trends to be aware of from all the pulse survey data streaming in. Before, it was leaders who would receive these Insights so they could stay on top of the significant sentiment shifts happening within their team. With this update, personalised insights are now available each and every team member!

What this means is that, as a user of Winningtemp, you can see the larger picture of how you’re feeling at work and understand what is worthy of your focus. These private insights can only be viewed by you and are generated from the answers you submit in your regular Winningtemp surveys.  

Some examples of Insights for individuals:  

  • You are experiencing a positive trend during the past month with Leadership
  • You don't feel good about your Work Situation  
  • You feel good about the level of Autonomy that you experience at work  

This is the foundation of self-leadership: being able to see yourself clearly, understand your moods and patterns, own your strengths, and understand the areas you would like to improve.

Explore Winningtemp  How do you want to work with self-leadership? Book a chat with us

Upvote the change you wish to see

In gathering feedback from our customers, we learned that there was a widely shared interest in hearing from employees themselves what they would want HR and leadership teams to focus on.  

This became the Focus Area section on the new category dashboards, which enables all users to upvote the areas they would like addressed the most. This can then be seen by the rest of one’s team, manager, and leaders in the organisation. Of course, each user’s vote is anonymous.  

Hear the voices of employees clearly. See what focus areas they care about the most with the upvote feature.

Translate ideas into reality — Actions!

Self-knowledge forms the foundation of self-leadership. The next step is taking action on that knowledge.

This is where Winningtemp Actions comes in (available to Pro customers). The Actions feature has been expanded and democratised, so now all users of Winningtemp are empowered to create action plans, for themselves or their team.  

The goal is to help your organisation take engagement and transparency to new heights. When an Action is set to “public,” all members of a team and the wider organisation can check in on the status of an action and understand who’s involved, what the goal is, and what the timeline looks like.

Move temperature in the right direction together with the help of Actions.

Small changes, transformational impact

With the combination of insights and actions, each person and each team has been given the keys to make small, frequent, meaningful steps towards the work environment they wish to see.  

In his book Atomic Habits, author James Clear articulates this concept perfectly:

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity. This is one reason why meaningful change does not require radical change. Small habits can make a meaningful difference by providing evidence of a new identity. And if a change is meaningful, it is actually big. That's the paradox of making small improvements.”

When we talk about our mission statement Forever changing the way people succeed together, this is how we know change is made. In small, meaningful increments — as small as the 10 seconds in your team’s week spent answering the Winningtemp survey. As small as the second it takes for them to upvote the focus area that they find most important to address.  

Get rolling!  

The category dashboards and associated updates will soon be live for all customers. Contact your CS manager if you need any guidance, or if you are looking to upgrade to Pro!


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