Why It's Important to Be Yourself at Work

Mikaela Clavel
June 5, 2024
Why It's Important to Be Yourself at Work

There are few things in this world more powerful than being yourself.

It sounds simple when you say it, right? But - for one reason or another - we’re all guilty of hiding our true selves. All of us, to a different extent, hide behind what we project to the world. We’re scared to be seen. We’re scared to be judged. We’re scared to be vulnerable.

So we put masks on. Whether it's our personal lives, our hobbies, our jobs - we sometimes hide our true face somewhere underneath that mask.

Well, we’re here to say it’s time to cast off those masks and step into ourselves. 

It’s Pride Month, which means it’s a time to celebrate the beauty of diversity and the power of authenticity. 

At Winningtemp, we believe that everyone should feel free to be their true selves - not just at home, but at work, too. Just imagine a workplace where you’re celebrated for being YOU, where your quirks are your strengths, and where being yourself is the secret to your success.

Here are just some of the reasons why being yourself at work is one of the most powerful things going…

1. It builds trusts and psychological safety

If you want your team to be 100% yourself, psychological safety is a must. Because when employees feel safe to express how they really feel - everything gets better. They’ll be able to talk to you and others in the team without fear and this is so powerful. By creating an environment where your team feels safe you make open dialogue and authentic interactions a breeze. 

And that’s not just something we say. According to Harvard Business Review, high-trust workplaces report 74% less stress and 106% more energy at work… and that leads to 50% higher productivity and 76% more engagement (ohlala)!

This means that psychological safety in the workplace not only has a strong impact on wellbeing but also on business results and performance - it’s a no brainer. One reason for this is that teams with high psychological safety are more innovative and achieve better outcomes, as employees feel comfortable taking risks and suggesting improvements without fear of negative consequences.

2. It forms stronger and more empathetic leaders 

Picture this: a leader who walks into the office each day with a genuine smile, not a mask. They share their stories, their struggles, and their victories, creating an atmosphere of empathy and openness. This authenticity trickles down through the team, encouraging everyone to be more understanding and supportive. 

Empathic leaders aren't just bosses; they're mentors and allies, inspiring their teams to achieve greatness by being themselves​​​​. According to McKinsey, empathy allows leaders to understand and share the feelings of their employees, leading to a more supportive and productive work environment..

Leaders who show genuine interest in their team members' well-being and personal challenges can motivate and inspire their workforce. This empathetic approach is linked to higher levels of employee satisfaction and loyalty. The result? Better employee engagement and retention! 

3. It leads to enhanced performance and higher job satisfaction

Listen to this; According to a study by Gallup, employees who feel they can be authentic at work are 3.5 times more likely to be engaged which translates to improved performance​​. And research from the Harvard Business Review indicates that workplaces that encourage authenticity see a 30% increase in productivity, as employees are more motivated and committed to their roles​.

Employees who can be themselves tend to stay longer in companies because they feel belonging and acceptance.

4. It decreases stress and increases happiness

Pretending to be someone else at work can be exhausting and stressful. Go ahead and try it, put a metaphorical mask on for the day and then see what a relief it is when you take it off.

Or don’t try to be someone you’re not, because LinkedIn found that 53% of employees who feel they can be themselves at work experience lower levels of workplace stress.

Why this is extra important for Winningtemp

At Winningtemp, we know that when you’re free to be yourself, magic happens. 

And we, of course, use our product for keeping an eye on the wellbeing in our teams.

Winningtemp's science-based temperatures gives understanding and easily identifies areas where our teams shine or where they need more support. 

This data-driven approach empowers leaders to make better decisions and implement improvements that the team needs and wants - all to ensure the collaboration, innovation, and overall wellbeing are on top.

Ready to see the magic of authenticity in action?

Book a demo today and discover how our platform can transform your workplace to a place where everyone can thrive.

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