How Winningtemp's employee engagement survey works

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January 22, 2020
How Winningtemp's employee engagement survey works

How AI and the science behind Winningtemp make your working life easier

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know the answer. Most of us know that phrase from our parents, school or workplace. And that is what Winningtemp really comes down to - questions and answers. In the last few years, an entirely new set of data-based tools for efficient employee performance management have entered the market, often replacing the traditional annual employee surveys, and they are all based on... yes, you guessed right, questions and answers. But that’s where the similarity ends, and the contrasts between the solutions become evident.

The key to success (which in this case means better performance, increased productivity, happier and more engaged employees) is to ask the right questions and draw the correct conclusions from the answers. This is where the years we have invested in combining behavioural science and research with artificial intelligence and deep learning come to play.

This is what makes Winningtemp stand out from the crowd.

The customers who have used Winningtemp for a year or more, on average have reduced staff turnover by more than 30%!

What does the platform actually do?

To explain how we can help our customers to achieve numbers like that, we need to take a few steps back to when it all started in 2014. Winningtemp was born from a simple notion - if you could combine all that science knows about what contributes towards building a thriving organisation with a tool that helps business leaders apply that knowledge to their organisations, we would make a real difference. And that is what we have done since then.

We began our research with 600 validated scientific studies on the identifiable factors related to employee engagement, efficiency, and productivity that lead to a successful organisation. From that knowledge base, we then developed a platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that automatically measures and gives qualitative insights into how the employees of an organisation compare to these data points.

We let the system automate which questions should be sent to an employee, based not only on their previous answers but also on the patterns and learnings from answers of more than 100 000 other users of Winningtemp. The responses are then analysed to generate insight, predictions, and suggestions for improvement to help business leaders better manage their employees.

How does it work in real life?

Let’s go back to the 30% reduction in staff turnover that we used as an example to illustrate how the platform works. The platform identifies triggers when a team member (anonymous) displays behavioural patterns in their answers that are similar to those who have left their position in the last 3-5 months. The intuitive tool uses a combination of the scientific data and the learnings from the full user base of Winningtemp to set off the trigger. The system will then use this insight to create accurate suggestions for the right manager on how to rectify this situation before the person actually decides to leave.

This is just an example of one area where Winningtemp can help leaders manage their organisation more proactively. The platform is fully operational and is equally efficient in improving the overall employee well-being, preventing sick leaves and negative stress, increasing productivity and engagement etc. The logic remains the same - to help make the right analysis and the right decisions by asking the right questions. To make things even better, the more data that is fed into the system, the better it gets, as the built-in intelligence and continuous deep learning helps increase accuracy and analysis as the database grows.

Get nerdy with us! We are the dynamic team of data scientists and developers who spend their downtime innovating (while playing Fifa). Keep an eye on 'Science Behind Winningtemp' to get a closer look into how the tool works.

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