Revolutionize workplace culture in 2023: the research behind Winningtemp's latest questions

March 15, 2023

Learn more about the science & psychology behind our new survey categories.

Winningtemp recently launched five new question categories to enhance our employee surveys and ensure they reflect the new challenges faced by organisations since the pandemic.  

In fact, the sudden shift to remote work did not hurt performance as many leaders had feared, and many employees excelled in remote settings. But as time passed, new struggles with mental health and well-being surfaced. Organisational issues became more common – budget cuts, poor economic outlook, hybrid working models, scarce and expensive talent, to name a few.  

We asked ourselves: are our employee surveys keeping pace in such a fast-changing environment?  

With our vision of helping our customers to succeed together, we identified a need to develop new survey question categories which allow progressive organisations to gather feedback and employee insight on:

- Psychological safety

- Cross-functional collaboration

- Person-job fit

- Transparency  

- Subjective well-being

Once again, these new science-based categories are the result of our extensive collaboration with PhD researcher Leif Denti from the University of Gothenburg. Our efforts allowed us to understand more about what data really matters when it comes to predicting employee behaviour.

This white paper aims to define the categories and compile the research literature on the predictive ability of the categories in relation to different types of outcomes and effects on psychosocial health and the psychosocial work environment. The focus has been on various types of outcomes including employee turnover, sick leave, performance, commitment, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction.

The outcomes predicted by the five new categories are summarised in this white paper.

Discover the science & psychology behind our new survey categories.