Employee surveys

Employee surveys are a crucial investment for any business seeking to achieve growth goals and maintain productive and engaged staff. In today's workforce, employees are seeking engagement from their employers, and an employee survey is an effective tool to demonstrate your commitment to meeting their needs.

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What are employee surveys

Employee surveys are an important tool for organisations seeking to improve their staff engagement and productivity. They provide valuable insights into employee satisfaction, motivation, and work environment. By gathering feedback and tracking progress, these surveys can help you identify areas of improvement and create a culture of success.

Maintaining staff motivation is a common challenge faced by businesses of all sizes. Employee surveys help address this problem by providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions. By understanding your employees' needs and concerns, you can create a work environment that fosters productivity, loyalty, and happiness.

Without engaged employees, a business will struggle to achieve its goals. Investing in an employee survey tool allows you to gather valuable feedback and insights from your staff, enabling you to make informed decisions that benefit both employees and the business as a whole. By taking your employees' views seriously, you demonstrate that you value their input and are committed to creating a work environment that fosters productivity, loyalty, and happiness.

Why companies use employee surveys

The benefits of using employee surveys are numerous. They help you identify areas of improvement, track progress, and create a culture of feedback. By using a data-driven approach, you can identify specific areas where your employees may need additional training, support, or resources. This, in turn, helps you create a happier and more productive work environment (see the science behind successful organisations)

With an employee survey tool, you can get questions, answers and insights all in one place. Depending on which tool you choose, you can also get help automating surveys, and compiling responses into easy-to-read dashboard that you can use to easily measure and draw useful insights from.

Trying to do all this manually leads to unnecessary time and administration that HR people could have spent on improving the engagement and well-being of the organisation. This is precisely why you need to choose the right employee survey tool that simplifies processes and allows your employees to spend time doing what they do best.

Pro Tip: Using staff surveys to frequently ask how your employees see the workplace, is likely to make them more engaged. To successfully measure and automate your employee surveys you need the right employee survey tools. Here is where we can help: See Winningtemp in action.

Future Group changed employee surveys to increase engagement


In the past, the real estate group Framtiden used surveys to measure employee well-being and engagement, but in the worst cases it took two years for insights to reach management, and the whole process felt slow and inefficient.


With Winningtemp, we get much faster feedback and can take action immediately and regularly. We chose Winningtemp because research-based questions are important, and it was easy to use and administer. We are already seeing examples of how our managers are strengthening their leadership, we can identify problems faster and we get numbers that confirm the feeling of how well things are going," says Linda Björk, HR Manager at the Future Group.

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