Haunted Workplace

A spooky tale of how poor leadership and low employee engagement can turn your workplace into a nightmare...

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Who you gonna blame?

In companies where blaming becomes the norm, your culture can quickly turn into a toxic virus. A virus in the form of a hostile environment.

Where your employees are afraid.

Afraid to take risks.

Afraid to make mistakes.

Afraid of getting blamed.

Learn how you can cure your culture.

Things a monster boss would say...

It's my way or the highway!

"You need to check with me before making any decisions."

Why did you turn of your phone last NIGHT?!

If I wanted your opinion, I’d ask for it.

Don't forget too cc me in your emails.

What no employee would ever say: I perform better when I'm being micromanaged.

Learn how you can be the BEST leader (instead of a monster boss)

Lack of trust - a true crime

87% are more likely to leave a manager who don’t keep promises and...

84% who feel their management team makes bad decisions will quit.

Basically, trust means everything.

To employees, managers and the organisation as a whole.

Without it, your workplace will quickly turn into a horror show that everyone will try to escape.

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Save yourself (before it's too late)

Truth be told, there are still haunted workplaces out there!

Do you want to understand how your employees are feeling (in real time) to proactively beat negative trends on employee turnover and satisfaction, and be able to lead like a star (instead of a monster boss)?

Then let's take on the battle together! Because every employee deserves to feel safe, valued and empowered.

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