Pulse surveys for employee engagement

Increased demand for timely access to feedback has created a need for different kind of survey tools in the market. The need for understanding employee engagement in real-time, has led us to the simplest survey form for collecting feedback, pulse surveys.

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Employee engagement pulse survey tools

The new generation of employee engagement survey tools, like Winningtemp,  can collect  feedback from employees in a brief and continuous manner allowing you to build stronger engagement and improve employee experience.

Pulse surveys are a great way to get feedback on your culture and engagement. They're a quick and easy way to gather employee sentiment and help guide your decision making so that you can create the best work environment possible.

Benefits of employee pulse surveys

As pulse surveys are based on the real-time data collection from the employees, this allows people managers not only to access to information but to see how the trends are being built. In addition:

1.    Pulse surveys offer the employees with an opportunity to give anonymous feedback on matters important to them.

2.    Pulse surveys are more frequent and can be tied to specific topics to give timely insights on specific topics.

3.    Pulse surveys are shorter and more engaging, ranging from 1 to 10 questions of length, depending on how often the surveys are being sent out.

4.    Pulse surveys are a frequent reminder that the business values feedback and can improve the trust employees experience towards the company.

5.    Pulse surveys tools can improve company culture as they encourage open communication and support giving praise to colleagues.

6.    Pulse surveys can improve employee happiness and healthiness, where employees witness decreased stress and increased wellbeing at work.

Choose the right tool for employee pulse surveys

By asking the right questions at the right frequency, you can increase well-being, engagement and productivity of your staff. You can achieve this by creating an overview of the answers and build an action plan based on the insights from your survey, and present it to your employees. They will feel listened to, and they will realise that they are part of the company, which will make them work harder to help the company succeed.

If you want to learn more about how Winningtemp can help you improve your employee engagement, why not have a look at our platform in action?

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If you want to learn more about how Winningtemp can help you improve your employee engagement, why not have a look at our tool in action?