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Without employees, you don't have a business. - That is true to most, unless you're a one man band! All businesses need productive, healthy and engaged employees to achieve their growth goals. Nowadays, employees are looking to be engaged by the organisations they are with and this means you need to make investments that demonstrate your business is the right match for them. Investing in an employee survey tool will show that you take your employees' views seriously, and provide support that will help increase engagement throughout your organisation.

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What staff surveys look like today


There are many ways for companies to get to know their employees. Over the years companies have tried and tested many ways of cultivating information from staff. Whether it has been through building focus groups and organising employee interviews and annual surveys, there's always been worries on the reliability of the data collected.

Even with the variety of staff surveying methods at your toolkit, you can still experience the common challenges with the lack of frequency in the data you can get and the time it takes to compile the answers to show clear results and trends, if any.

But you're not alone, most of businesses are in a position where they only ask their staff survey questions once a year, and struggle to present true insights and trends.

As a result, many companies are increasingly moving away from annual employee surveys to replace them with pulse surveys that capture insights in real-time. Using pulse staff survey tools, like Winningtemp, allows them to capture current views, ask in-depth follow-up questions and continuously address challenges in the workplace.

Why companies use staff survey tools


With an employee survey tool, you can get questions, answers and insights all in one place. Depending on which tool you choose, you can also get help automating mailings, and compiling responses into easy-to-read graphs that you can easily measure and draw useful insights from.

An added bonus of an employee survey tool is that you can open up an internal "whistleblower" channel. There, you can prevent unexpected outbursts and instead provide a platform that helps employees communicate with more integrity and effectiveness.

Trying to do all this manually leads to unnecessary time and administration that HR people could have spent on improving the engagement and well-being of the organisation. This is precisely why you need to choose the right employee survey tool that simplifies processes and allows your employees to spend time doing what they do best.

Pro Tip: Using staff surveys to frequently ask how your employees see the workplace, is likely to make them more engaged. To successfully measure and automate your employee surveys you need the right employee survey tools. Here is where we can help: See Winningtemp in action.

Future Group changed employee survey tool to increase engagement


In the past, the real estate group Framtiden used surveys to measure employee well-being and engagement, but in the worst cases it took two years for insights to reach management, and the whole process felt slow and inefficient.


With Winningtemp, we get much faster feedback and can take action immediately and regularly. We chose Winningtemp because research-based questions are important, and it was easy to use and administer. We are already seeing examples of how our managers are strengthening their leadership, we can identify problems faster and we get numbers that confirm the feeling of how well things are going," says Linda Björk, HR Manager at the Future Group.

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